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Driving Exam Brussels


Can someone enlighten me about the new driving exam process for Brussels? First Aid training? Perception test? Practical exam? How to book take an appointment with the translator?


Call VAB or visit them. I have usually been able to find a good English speaker. They run courses. Can assist with translators.
Or call a couple of local driving schools. They will know the latest situation better than anyone here.

Aug 7, 2019 23:39

VAB is only active in Flanders, not in Brussels.

Auto Ecole Europeenne in Ixelles has 4 English speaking instructors.
Secretaries are not fluent in English but they have documentation in English to explain.

1) Theory test must be taken at the exam center of your choice : Evere or Anderlecht (you need to register in advance & in person, about 2 months delay). Cost € 15 + € 50 translator fee.

If you fail twice, you will have follow theory classes in English.
See Facebook site : Theory in English ( Driving Code Belgium)

Once you passed the test, you will get a code to access the First Aid courses (free) from the Red Cross: 1h30 on line theory & 3h at Red cross practical.

You have 4 options to learn
a) with a guide, someone who has a license since more than 8 years and is prepared to teach you how to drive. You need to go with him/her to the commune to get a temporary license with guide and will only be able to drive with that person (max 2 persons). You need to practice min 9 months & max 18 months and pass the test before the 18 months. You will have to prove at least 1.500 Kms of experience via a log book.
b) with a guide combined with 14 hours of driving school.
see above but min 6 months & max 18 months & also 1500 kms
c) minimum 20 hours of driving school and then you get a temporary license to drive alone for min 3 months & max 18 months & at least 1000 kms of driving experience. May be more than 20 hours depending on your skills (driving instructor is the judge)
d) minimum 30 hours of driving school and direct access to the practical exam.

At the end of the minimum period of respectively 9, 6 or 3 months or at the end of the 30 hours, you will have to take a Risk Perception Test (RPT) at the exam center where you will later pass the practical.

Upon success of the RPT, you can take the road exam (RE)

A failure at the RPT or a failure at the RE is considered a failure.
Upon 2 failures, you must follow 6 hours of driving school in order to present the next RPT or RE.

Aug 11, 2019 14:57

does anyone have a list of translators working at the Driving Exam Centre at Scharbeek?

Feb 24, 2020 15:05