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Hi there,
I am a UK qualified dentist with 7 years of experience. I will be relocating to Brussels with my family because my partner has found a new job.
Does anyone know the process for registering with the health board in Belgium so that I can practise dentistry? Also any help with looking for jobs would be great.
Thanks in advance!


You probably should contact the professional body (equivalent to the Royal College in the UK).

This is the French one, there is also an equivalent Flemish one.

Sep 23, 2019 21:23

For the healthcare profession in this country you have to first have all your qualifications recognised by the government (you might have to repeat the last year of your dentistry training in Belgium). Try calling the Flemish government phone number: +32 2 553 1700, They can help you.
They are available from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. or send them an email. See website:

Sep 25, 2019 14:46

You will need an Inami number in order to be able to practice as a dentist in Belgium, more information can be found hereétier . Be warned that the issue of Inami numbers is limited, even if you have the necessary qualifications, to help ensure that dentists (and the same rule applies to doctors) have enough potential work to earn a living.
Apart from your training and experience, you will need to be able to speak the language relevant to the region in which you set up your "cabinet" so French or Dutch in Bruxelles, Dutch in the Flemish Gordel surrounding Bruxelles or French in Wallonie. I would guess that the minimum acceptable standard might be B2 or possibly even C1 - and that the Belgian versions of both French and Dutch vary (especially in pronunciation) from that spoken in France/the Netherlands.
I don't know about Bruxelles because I don't live there, but where I live almost all dentists are self-employed with their own "cabinet" where they work alone without receptionists or dental assistants, answering the phone and collecting the money as well as undertaking dentistry. The money they take (which is subsequently partially reimbursed to patients) is their sole income, so although cabinets are well-equipped, overheads have to be kept as low as possible. The State, through Inami, sets minimum charges which are so low that for some procedures the pre-reimbursement cost to the patient is actually lower than the NHS would charge in the UK. A few dentists, usually specialists, work within the university hospital network but such posts are unlikely to be available to you.
If you do become a dentist in Belgium you are likely to find it very different to your previous experience in the UK.
You might also consider the possibility of finding work in the pharmaceutical sector, for example at GSK at Wavre.
Finally, just a word of warning that post a no-deal Brexit you would be treated as a foreigner, able to live in Belgium with your husband but without rights to work.

Sep 25, 2019 15:03

You don’t mention if you speak French or Dutch, the lack of which would be a massive barrier. Research may have been better at an earlier stage and you may find you have to accept a role that would be below what you would do in the UK.

From personal experience (lots) the general standard of dentistry here is also considerably higher than the UK, to the extent that BE dentists can immediately identify UK work, so you may also need to partially retrain.

Sep 29, 2019 11:48