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Charleroi danse - Biennale 2017: Europalia Indonesia - NOSHEHEORIT, Otniel Tasman - Saman Dance

Charleroi danse
13/10/2017 from 15:00until 13/10/2017 - 15:00
13 Oct
Les Ecuries
Boulevard Pierre Mayence 65c

Charleroi danse and Europalia Indonesia have joined forces for this programme, bringing together two aspects of the incredibly rich varieties of dance found on the world’s largest archipelago. A traditional offering is the Saman dance. Known as “the dance of a thousand hands”, the Saman is part of the cultural heritage in Gayo on Sumatra. This dance, performed by boys or young men kneeling in serried ranks, stages a ritual of repetitions and complex percussion. Meanwhile the young choreographer Otniel Tasman uses Lengger Banyumasan, a Javanese dance fusing the masculine and the feminine. This reference to an ancient tradition brilliantly challenges the topicality of debates on gender.