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I recently bought a car but i would like to fit a tow bar to it. So far i havent found anywhere that will fit one for me. Do you have any recommendations?



If you are near Liege I can recommend - Ive bought 3 trailers there over the last 10 years and had a towbar fitted recently.

Any decent place that sells trailers or caravans should be able to advise where you can have one fitted (a caravan dealer near me also fits tow bars.

Auto 5 (all over Belgium) also fit tow bars

There must be an Auto5 near you! -- Go in and ask -- or look up your nearest branch and call --

Aug 24, 2015 20:07

"So far i havent found anywhere that will fit one for me."

Does jt mean that they will not attach it to your car or that you have not found a garage.

Did you ask the garage where you bought the car?

Also for my car I had to order it when I ordered the car. It could be done only at the factory and not afterwards.

Aug 25, 2015 14:55

There are certainly plenty of modern cars where the chassis and/or electrics design does not allow the retro-fitting of a tow-bar attachment, it has to be done during the manufacturing process.

If this is the case, and you get a "back-street" mechanic to retro-fit one, your car will fail the controle technique, permanently. It is one of the things that is always checked and, indeed, if you have a removable tow-bar attachment and you turn up at the CT without it fitted to the car, that will also result in a "fail".

Aug 27, 2015 10:16

My CT test for the towbar fitted consisted of them checking it didn't move! -- No check on the electrics

When you go for the check after fitting you get the choice between having teh paperwork set to the max braked tow capacity of your car (according to teh certificate of conformity) or up to 750kg.

(Your car insurance only covers trailers up to 750kg anyway in Belgium -- Any trailer over 750kg has to have its own registration, CT and insurance)

For your car suggest you contact a "frontstreet" garage who will be able to advise (eg Auto5 or a specialist installer) -- An easy first check to see if your car has a standard towbar available would be to do an internet search -- eg "Aston Martin Vantage Tow Bar" -- If you are fortunate to have such a vehicle

Aug 27, 2015 14:09

CT examiner can tell by observation that the tow-bar attachment was factory-fitted. At the first (normally 4-year) CT, he checks that this is what the certificate of conformity shows and stamps and scans the certificate.

The electrics are indeed not checked (unless a trailer is being checked as well), any fault is far, far more likely to be on the trailer and lightweight ones aren't subject to CT anyway, so it wouldn't be a productive use of the checker's time.

Aug 28, 2015 10:08

BECASSE - Generally towbars do not have to be factory fitted -- unless you have a near unique vehicle -- Mine wasn't factory fitted - it was fitted at a specialist towbar fitter (to a car that was then a couple of years old -- this is perfectly acceptable for the CT)-- I then went to the CT station with it. (And the waiting area had several brand new unregistered cars from garages waiting on fitting)(And they were luxury cars -- our Panda looked very out of place).

If you have doubts then pop into your local CT station and discuss with the station "chef". They have all the rules and regs in front of them.

Aug 28, 2015 11:35

And a correction -- With a towbar -- you have to take it straight to the CT station even with a brand new car. The company cars are fitted with towbars and when we collect them we are told by the dealer to take them to the CT station - (this was for brand new VW and Skoda cars with zero kms)

At the CT station we were asked whether we wanted the towbars rated at 750kg max or the weight on the ECC (conformity certificate for the car). With the 7kg limit they are then fine for 4 years till the first normal car check. -- If choosing the ECC braked weight limit -- then the car would have to come back every year for the tow bar to be checked (even within the first 4 years of the cars life)

(And for the original poster -- which car do you have?)

Aug 28, 2015 11:43
Emille B.

At Carloma , near Antwerp , they do fit tow bars for all cars , very often , brand new unregistered cars for various dealerships, you can get a quote on line at

Aug 29, 2015 00:20