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Car Import Duty


Hi folks, I'm in the process of buying a BMW 3 series from Germany. I understand there's a 10% import duty charged by the Belgian car imports based on their valuation. Do you know if these valuations are public, if so could you kindly point me to where I can find them or if not perhaps you can give me a rough estimate...? The car is a 2017 model with 5,000km on the clock and going for EUR24,000 with VAT. Thanks for your help.


There are no import duties between Germany and Belgium. Both countries are in a free market known as the EU.

Mar 26, 2019 13:02

You will have to pay a one-off "mise en circulation" charge (which you would have had to do if you had bought it in Belgium) which could be quite substantial for a BMW series 3 - the actual calculation is region dependent. You will also obviously have to pay the costs of getting the car through a special import-related Controle Technique and you may have to pay to obtain a certficate of conformity if the car doesn't come with one (and although it is only a small bit of paper it can be quite pricey).

Mar 26, 2019 16:38

Thank you very much both!

Mar 27, 2019 17:20