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The Bulletin on Bruzz: 13 December

05:39 14/12/2020
Listen back to the reports and interviews from The Bulletin's Sunday lunchtime show on 98.8FM in Brussels

House of European History: Fake for Real

The House of European History is presenting Fake for Real, an exhibition which retraces the history of forgery and falsification in Europe from the Trojan Horse to the deep rabbit holes currently created on the internet. Simina Badica, curator of the House of European History and co-curator of the exhibition tells us all about it. 

Brussels Explained: Camilla Dreef

The Brussels-Capital Region has seen a rising number of exotic ring-necked parakeets in the city, currently estimated at around 12,000. But Brussels is not the only city in the Low Countries where the numbers of these bird species has increased over the last couple of years. Where do these parakeets come from and what is their natural habitat? How do they live and why do they prefer cities? Do they have enemies and are these parakeets a threat to indigenous birds? Dutch ornithologist Camilla Dreef explains more. Hear the full podcast on the De Buren website

Written by Richard Harris, Paul McNally