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Brussels chief inspector jailed for racist offences

12:19 23/04/2013

A Brussels police officer was yesterday sentenced to eight months’ imprisonment, with four years suspended, and to pay court costs, for racially motivated violence and using racist language. In 2009, Nordine Saidi (pictured), who was arrested after taking part in a demonstration calling for the boycott of Israel, was called derogatory names by a chief inspector, known as MC, and told to “go back to [his] own country”. Later he was told “Attach a belt around your belly and go explode in your own country.” After being stripped of his jacket and shoes, he was pointed towards the toilet and told: “For prayers, it is over there.” The chief inspector also punched a subordinate, of north African origin, grabbing him by the throat and calling him derogatory names. Before delivering his verdict, the judge noted that it was not the first time the officer had committed racist offences. In a statement yesterday, the Centre for Equal Opportunities and the Fight against Racism welcomed the verdict. “With this conviction, the court sent a strong signal,” said centre director Edward Delruelle. He added that violence and racism against immigrants, usually Arabs, was “unacceptable, especially from police officers who should serve as an example in our society”.

Written by The Bulletin


Pierre Lambert

Just a piece of common sens here :
1) This policeman is definitely guilty : no discussion about this !
2) These so-called "arabs" are actually Berbers (the vast majority of them speak Tamazight - Augustine's mother language...- and NOT Arabic. See "Portail amazigh" in Wikipedia.... they are being arabized with the help of Saudies, Quataries, etc. funds and brought to endorse Arabist causes. this is why they are wrongly perceived by the low educated westerners as being "Arabs".
3) The FIRST racist action is to be seen in the EU Authorities behavior of not recognizing their genuine culture (which is naturally Secular !) and letting them being brain-washed by the Arabists. As a consequence : the young berbers (like this Riffian young man) are pushed Eastward to endorse conflicts in which they have no clue about what is really happening and go (for a few) into Jihad. They must know that Amazigh (Berbers) have also adopted the Jewish religion (many hundreds of thousands today).
4) Now the Moroccan Authorities are little by little taking measures to spread this REAL culture to them knowing that if not, the Islamists will overwhelm them...
5) May be it is time for the EU Authorities to change their minds on this.

Apr 23, 2013 14:58