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BEM18 - Bedroom Beats at Floreo

12/10/2018 from 22:00until 12/10/2018 - 22:00
12 Oct
Café Floréo
Rue des Riches-Claires 19
1000  Bruxelles

BEM is a 3-day electronic music festival celebrating the sound of Brussels
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All events: Brussels Electronic Marathon.
Bedroom Beats invites you to some beats odyssey!

Hailing from brussels belgium, ekany's road to music wasn't much of straight one. In fact he started getting much more of an interest in music at the age of 17, after living life moving from country to country and continent to continent.

As he describes it himself. "Growing up like this was an incredible opportunity to learn and embrace all sorts of different cultures ." and now this melting pot of diversity can be found and heard in his music.

A firm lover and representer of his african roots. Ekany was first introduced to african music by his father. Now he never skips the beat on showcasing where he comes from and those sweet rhythms he grew up on. While still bringing an uncanny energy and smoothness to the lot.

Another one of ekany's big influences was rap and hip hop music.

Growing up, understanding what was being said in an american song was a challenge. He therefore always enjoyed the instrumental aspect of a song more which played a big part in ekany's upbringing and love for music. From the old to the new, that hip hop boat never sails too far away from shore.

2 - Framps
New event coordinator and DJ resident at 1030 Café, he’s hosting his own event there every other Thursday.

3 - PEAS
Youngest of the Bedroom Beats Crew and veteran of Footjuice belgium, he’s got everything you need. He also has a radioshow on Radio Panik every sunday evening from 22h00 to 23h00: p e a s w a v e fm. Other member of PEAS : VJJV (check his stuff out).

4 - DJ Bambooh
Bambooh is a Brussels based DJ and producer with a foot in Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela. He has released several EP and singles with vinyl boutique, a vinyl-only label specialized in micro edition he helped to create. His most successful titles so far are 2015 - I feel a new shadow, a tribute to DJ Shadow and the sampling culture; 2015 - The Battle EP, inspired by the vibe of underground beat battles, where he often takes part; 2014- Before you: A four tracks EP with a high personal involvement since – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – are a message in the bottle for his daughter Nora (born right after the release of the title. He understands music and visuals as a continuum and he has teamed up with several film makers throughout Europe to produce his video singles (2018) It's all good (2018) Fado (2016) Elena, (2016) I feel a new shadow (2014) Winter.

5 - 72 Soul, also known as Pierre Citron, is a DJ/Singer/MC/producer/Writer from Brussels. He released the soulful hip hop projects Transcending Project, Still Waters, 72 Soul, Pierre Citron, Dust & Soul, Fools Play EP and, more recently: Gelivan x Pierre Citron - Rodalquilar Sessions EP (on @diffractrecords > and the 72 Soul SOULDRIFTA EP (on He hosts the weekly RE:FRESH! Radioshow on BRUZZ every Monday 20:00 CET (on and Re:Fresh! is a partner of Bedroom Beats!