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Bank Recommendation in Brussels


Does anyone know which bank is the most generous with credits? are there any specific Branches? Some bank seems to Dismiss you even you have fairly high income. or to offer you very ridiculos credit lines, is there any difference from Branch to Branch Base on location socio-economical status?


Credit here is much more tightly controlled than in many places especially the UK. Does your work have a relationship with a particular branch? My husbands work used to and we have a good relationship with a branch near his work not our Home. Here if for exam0e you want a line of credit to do up your home they want to see the invoices for the work

Jan 3, 2018 21:04

I doubt it. You might find that banks in the EU district might be a bit more flexible for international staff, but only if you've got a long term contract.

Other than that, the law in Belgium means it's very hard for banks to lend more at lower rates to higher risk customers, which as a client of a Belgian bank, I'm more than happy about.

Jan 3, 2018 21:11

If they dismiss you, it's probably because you sort of come across as a bit of a pain in the arse. Or maybe they're just indifferent. Try humility and a bit of grovelling instead. It's a cultural thing.

You definitely get the best service from a bank where you are distantly related to the branch manager or are good friends with someone who went to school with him. However the deals on offer are very unlikely to change because of that.

Jan 3, 2018 21:37

Thank you all for answer. OK so it's not only me . BTW I got a full contract income 20 to 30 pct above the average. However credit line that was offered was very poor. Something as equal to student account. Really ridiculous. However didn't try to apply for it in bxl eurocommisson area yet. But I think ure all right. Maybe Germany is an option?

Jan 4, 2018 02:07

But Mr. J bank that doesn't offer credit isn't considered as a bank in my opinion. Don't forget that we bailed them out after the financial crisis. And in exchange they laming the economy. All decisions comes from arbitrary Macro economics data. Belgium and NL are market where credit is not very common today they think 2000 euro credit line is huge. Haha

Jan 4, 2018 02:13

Compared to most other countries, offering credit is very regulated in Belgium, with strict controls. For example, anyone offering credits (banks of course, but even shops offering shop credit, credit card companies, etc. etc.) is legally obliged to check the existing credit status of each customer. I.e. they have to consult the national register which has a record of every single existing credit line a customer already has. Offering credit without this check is illegal and if there is a payment default due to the customer being given too generous loans, the bank or other institution is liable.

Due to this, Belgium has a much lower rate of personal debt than many other countries, and it is much harder to end up in serious difficulty.

Jan 4, 2018 09:29

True. But this model is mainly valid in Belgium and The Netherlands. It's very Lame because Belgium isn't cheap. What makes it necessary that banks will go on the 'creditworthiness' of individual candidate like most of free market democracies. Rather then over regulating mechanism that bury all of us under 'one size fits all' system. It should really be reformed this old inefficient system.

Jan 4, 2018 11:46

> full contract income 20 to 30 pct above the average

And a fat load of use that will do you unless you have 3 year's credit history + audited accounts behind you. Things would be different if you were a salaried employee, but if you had been working for long enough to have safely got through what the bank consider a "trial" period, then you'd already have a Belgian bank account for a while and therefore you should find that the credit offers you get from your existing bank are very similar to the credit offers you'd get from a different one.

That's if the new bank doesn't deem it suspicious that your motives for changing banks seem to be that you're not getting good enough credit options from the existing one.

Jan 4, 2018 15:07

Mr. J thanks for your answer. all the idea of banks that they are in constant competition for "responsible" client whom potentially is an Asset. that's by appealing to a person with better offer than the other Bank. that's the nature of business cycle. Which results that one bank can give an outstanding offer compare to the other.
Sadly its true that all banks are very strict in Belgium because if you take earlier than 2012 it wasn't that difficult to get her 1 or 2/3 credit cards at the same time. because until then banks didn't need to consult the Central bank (NBB) for each and each transaction. And to return to the core of the question i hope that Belgium will become wiser to realize that people who worked and studied hard in life have necessarily deserve better life by having more option for Credit, Risk Taking. but if you're person with a fairly high income and no any negative financial background. No reason not to give and build trust between bank and its client. Sadly enough business atmosphere here seems very gloomy and unsatisfying. There are many unemployed people who abuse the system and they may end up with a better or same life standards than productive people who are working their bollocks off.

Jan 4, 2018 17:43

J: Yeah J why don't go back to where you think it's so much better? We'll all be much better off for it. Are you just a miserable human being, or, no, it's a cultural thing? By the way, the advantage of having a connection is international.

Jan 5, 2018 14:28