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"Au hasard Balthazar ... 25 years of gallery, 25 years of encounters"

Galerie Verhaeren
13/12/2017 from 14:00until 21/01/2018 - 13:00
13 Dec
Galerie Verhaeren
Rue Gratès 7
1170  Brussels

Exhibition from December 13, 2017 till January 21, 2018, we>sat 2-6 pm, sun 10am - 1pm, opening on Tuesday Decmeber 12  from 6pm.

Vincent Verhaeren: "I created Galerie Verhaeren25 years ago and since then I have never stopped my other professional or personal activities. 

More than 400 professional or amateur photographers, Belgian or foreign, will have exhibited and expressed themselves during this quarter century at the Verhaeren gallery, but also in other places in Brussels or abroad, especially in Lodz in Poland (Photographic encounters since 1994). 

The gallery was a place of rich and exciting encounters, which gave me the idea for this exhibition. Moreover, it seemed to me that "encounters" was going well in the direction of my approach and my life. Encounters on the sidewalk or around the corner, by chance, but often a sought-after chance. 

I chose to show an image for each of the past 25 years. What a pleasure to choose a theme and then an image per year! With such a subject, it's impossible to be alone! I therefore asked a few photographers to be at my side in this exhibition. Surprise..."